A customizable password generator that runs locally on your device.
An offline, visually appealing circle calculator
A streamlined way of creating Hex and RGB color codes!
A simple character counting program
A simple application for managing virtual money.
A simple tool used to calculate the speed of a projectile.
Simplified versions of all the default MacOS wallpapers since MacOS Mountain Lion
A compact assistant to help you with clipboard related tasks.
The graphic version of Syna, an offline virtual assistant
A calculator for MacOS designed for solve quadratic formula problems in a clean and organized way!
A simple UI viewer for all the core MacOS UI elements
A beautiful timer app for MacOS
An extremely simple app to help you focus on your work!
The web development studio for absolute beginners.
A simple downloadable clicker game
A short, but mind-blowing game that explores the simulation hypothesis.
A proof of concept for an open world, single player, driving game.
Mess around with massive physics simulations on your home computer!
Protect your sand castle from the waves!
A game where you collide with other players to knock them off the map
A very simple driving game in which you have to avoid cones.
A simple marble game!
A crowd behavior simulation tool.
The next generation of block building games!
A basic artificial intelligence demo.
Create rows of hexagons to score!
A fun gravity visualization tool of epic proportions!
A package of simple MacOS command line utilities!
A simple school-work manager!
A simple OS that runs within your current OS!
Your very own digital assistant that works without an internet connection!
A simple puzzel game!