Update 1.6


  1. Fixed problem where the gun in the inventory would be present no matter what.
  2. Added a supply company job.
  3. Fixed a problem where not all cars would play sounds.
  4. Added a restaurant.
  5. Added item: Burger.
  6. Added item: Hot dog.
  7. Added item: Water.
  8. Added item: Ice cream.
  9. Added item: Cargo.
  10. Added supply pickup.
  11. Added hunger.
  12. Added thirst.
  13. Added health.
  14. Enabled texture caching to speed up loading times.
  15. Increased bloom effect.
  16. More terrain.
  17. Removed gun recoil.
  18. Added more help information.
  19. Added consume menu where you can eat and drink things.
  20. Added scroll bar on help page to more neatly store information.
  21. Added more accurate crash data.
  22. Added player damage with crashes.

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