Update 1.0


Game is released, but no where near finished!

  1. Removed random benches.
  2. Added more cans.
  3. Fixed yellow car’s camera (Wasn’t pivoting correctly).
  4. Added gun item.
  5. Fixed gun force.
  6. Added police.
  7. Added fines (Wanted level * 100 = fines).
  8. Added prison (Wanted level * 10 = prison time in seconds).
  9. Fixed blue car’s colliders (Stopped car’s wheels from falling beneath buildings when crashing).
  10. Added magazines (Can be picked up to get 10 ammo).
  11. Fixed bug where looking down would make your player walk to the left.
  12. Changes all tree colliders to be more accurate.
  13. Added Mesh Colliders to trash cans.
  14. Added graphic indicator that gets turned on when the game is modified.
  15. Added a back button to the graphics setting page.
  16. Added back button to the music settings page.
  17. Added background to startup menu.
  18. Changed price to $1.00

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