Update 1.2


  1. Added gun noise.
  2. Fixed glitch where the player started with a wanted level of 5.
  3. Added gun recoil.
  4. Added bloom lighting effect.
  5. Increased render distance to 1000 units.
  6. Added green minivan.
  7. Changed starting car.
  8. Recreated terrain.
  9. Increased resolution of terrain height map.
  10. Added off-road path between the mountains.
  11. Added new trees.
  12. Added wind effect.
  13. Added dirt texture to hills to give game more natural feel.
  14. Increased torque of pickup truck, making it preform better on hills.
  15. Removed some benches.
  16. Removed some cans.
  17. Added wind. (trees bend)

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