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iPhysics Cluster is a crowd behavior simulation program. The controls are very simple, so you can get right to it. Simply draw out a course with as many or as few obstacles as you want. Then spawn in a crowd and watch them maneuver throughout the course. The program itself is simple, but the simulations that run it are not, as shown by the features list below:

  1. Humanoids in the crowd have different physical abilities, just as they would in real life. For example, some can move faster, some can turn faster, some can fit in tighter places, and some can accelerate faster.
  2. Crowds can be cleared with a single keyboard shortcut.
  3. Walls can be cleared using a single keyboard shortcut.
  4. A help menu can be accessed at all times without ever stopping or interrupting the simulation running.
  5. With virtually no learning curve, you'll get up and running almost instantly.
  6. All the controls are located in ergonomic places.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


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iPhysics Cluster - MAC 17 MB
Version 1
iPhysics Cluster - WINDOWS 14 MB
Version 1
iPhysics Cluster - LINUX 33 MB
Version 1

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