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iPhysics Neutron is a basic artificial intelligence demonstration. It has the simple task of sorting blue and red spheres. At first, it randomly guesses which category you want the spheres to be dropped into. If it gets it wrong, then let it know by hitting the backspace key. Over time it will begin to learn what category you want the colored spheres to be dropped into. The name neutron comes from the part of your brain that interprets data: the neuron. The T is added to form the name Neutron since this is just a small demonstration of an AI (neutrons are an extremely small subatomic particle).  Some notable features are shown here:

  1. There are only 3 controls used in the entire program.
  2. The interface is colorful and friendly enough to be used by a large age range of people.
  3. Non-resource intensive graphics allow the program to be run on a large range of devices.
  4. The view of the demonstration automatically changes to make things easier to see.
  5. The program is never told exactly what to do; it learns over time what is wrong and what is right.


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iPhysics Neutron - MAC 16 MB
Version 1
iPhysics Neutron - WINDOWS 14 MB
Version 1
iPhysics Neutron - LINUX 32 MB
Version 1

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