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Multinet is a thought provoking game with a new style, one that deviates from most of the games you've ever played. Instead of being played in a 3D or even 2D world, it's played in an entirely text based fashion. Instead of guiding a character around a story, or virtual world, you are the character. All you're given is a Linux style kernel, and left free to investigate the mind blowing storyline.

Throughout the game, you'll use 'Multinet Linux', a fiction Linux distribution developed entirely by an AI. The AI, coined 'GalaxyAI', also developed the Multinet itself, and entirely new way of connecting and sharing ideas. Think of it as an alternate internet. However, the research team behind Multinet has discovered a phenomenon known as 'ghost servers'. These servers don't seem to have any location in the real world, and only seem to exist on the Multinet, and nowhere else. Through basic terminal commands (ones that computer techies are likely already familiar with), you are free to explore the Multinet, and discover the true nature of the so called 'ghost servers'.

Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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